+1000 Best active Chemistry WhatsApp group links

You might be searching for the best Chemistry WhatsApp group links that I have compiled in this article. A student or teacher is always trying to gain knowledge which is their duty. There are many ways to achieve it. In past, people used to consult books which were rare. In addition, Most students were just needy of teachers. The students could not gain knowledge freely. But, nowadays it has become very easy and reachable due to the internet.

So, in this article, I have brought the best active chemistry WhatsApp group links. These groups are active and full of information. so kindly follow the rules.

Rules of Chemistry WhatsApp group links:

  • Do Fight with any member!
  • Don’t create violence.
  • Have self-respect for every member of the group.
  • No, interference in the group setting.
  • You don’t have the right to object to anyone’s idea.
  • Cannot share advertisement links.
  • Do suggest if you see any weakness.
  • No one should be stopped from sharing their knowledge.
  • Having respect for all members.
  • It is better not to share your personal detail plus your personal life.
  • Extra talks are not allowed.
  • Follow the rules made by the admin.
Best active Chemistry WhatsApp group links

On chemistry: Link

Chemistry lovers & teachers: Link

AI-physics world: Link

The Chemistry Guidance: Link

Chemistry discussion: link

The Chemist of the world: Link

Tutorials: Link

Promo oil money: Link

The chemical World: Link

Human Watch Vanguard: Link

Chemistry Lovers: Link

Best faculties of India: Link

Chemistry Learning: Link

Fresh Up Your Chemistry 1: link

PPSC & FPSC Chemistry: link

PPSC & FPSC Chemistry 1st: link

Calculations in Chemistry: Link

Shear it Zambia G 12’s: Link

Proton & Neutron Changes: Link

Medics wild wide: Link

African Chemistry lovers: Link

The chemistry researchers: Link

Tutorials On Organic Chem: Link

The Chemistry lovers: Link

Chemistry Facts: Link

Chemistry Department: Link

PPSC Chemistry: Link

Chemistry Hub CH: Link

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Chemistry QUIZ: Link

World of chemistry: Link

Chemistry legend diss: Link

Thirst of chemistry: link

Advanced learning Chemistry: Link

Mission chemistry 2020: Link

School LectChemistry: Kink

Chemistry with Ifzan: Link

Neco sure Runz: Link

Learn better chemistry: Link

The Kingogo Discussion Forum:  Link

lecturer Chemistry Group: Link

Chemical World: Link

The Fasihi Andishi group: Link

Vikki Group: Link

The Evergreen Organics: Link

Free Online Chemistry: Link

Active Chemistry WhatsApp group links

The Books of Chemistry: Link

The best location for Students: Link

Knowledge of Chemistry: link

Sindhi language Group: Link

Chemistry‍ Of club2:  Link

Worldwide Chemistry lovers: Link


Chemistry World: Link

The best Group: Link

Study for The job: Link


Chemistry knowledge: Link

Learning Institute: Link


Medical wild-wide: Link

The World of Chemistry: Link

Proton & Neutron Changes: Link

Biochemistry World: Link

Chemistry Books: Link

The Chemistry Students: Link

O, A, AS Science level): Link

Organic chemistry: Link

The Neet prep: Link

Chemistry knowledge: Link

Chemistry with sir: Link

Class 9th,10th students: Link

Chemistrydiscussiongroup: Link

F.Sc. Bio+Chemistry Online: Link


Chemistry lovers: Link

Think Science! Think Chem: Link

Uniben post-utme update: Link



Integrated science: Link

The students of Science: Link

Calculations in Chemistry: Link

How to Join Chemistry WhatsApp Group Link?

The most important tips to join WhatsApp group links. As for demonstration, I have written these to be followed though everyone knows the terms and conditions plus the tips of WhatsApp groups. In this modern era, you must be having WhatsApp on your mobile. So do follow the mentioned things.

  • Read carefully the list of the groups.
  • Every group has its own title.
  • Select according to the demand.
  • Click on the needed links.
  • On the new page hit the join tap.
  • After hitting the join tap you will be a member of the group.


In a conclusion, let me share the main idea. You must have read all the articles plus the tips which I have mentioned in the Chemistry WhatsApp Group. Now you are done. And hope that you have gotten something out of my article. Related to this there are many other informative posts that can be helpful for you. In my favor, if you share the article with the others like friends on Facebook TwitterInstagram Linkedin, and many other apps. If you have any kind of questions that can be answered here do not hesitate to share me. I will be there to answer you.

You can share your group also “The link.” Submit Your group.

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