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The IELTS Academic Test in Quetta.

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The IELTS Academic Test is one of the test types offered by IDP IELTS and the British Council, jointly owned by the British Council and Cambridge University Press. This IELTS test assesses your academic reading, academic writing, speaking, and listening skills. The test consists of three parts: reading, writing, and speaking test.

You have 60 minutes to transfer your answers from the answer sheet to the official IELTS on paper. To take the IELTS academic test, you can book your test online or in person at an IELTS test center. Your IELTS result will be given as a band score, which professional registrations and academic institutions will accept IELTS. It is important to study for the IELTS exam by practicing with sample test questions and sample tests, both online and on a computer.

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