Nouns are the name of persons, places, things, and animals.
Pakistan, America, town, city, village, car, table, cat, dog. and many more.

kinds and categories of nouns

What is a noun? The noun is the name of a person, thing, place, or animal.  For instance: John, khan, country, cat, dog, table, clothes, and many more. There are 8 kinds of nouns. Noun plays a major role in the English language. It has singular and plural too. Examples within sentences: The Kinds of …

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what is noun?

What is a noun? A word noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Which has many kinds. The noun is apart from the pronoun. It can be a person. like: Person Place Things Animals John India Table Cat Khan Pakistan Room Cow Kamran Iran Car Dog Kimi America Flowers Elephant Mark United …

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