What is an adjective? | kinds of adjectives.

What is an adjective

What is an Adjective? it shows the quality and quantity of nouns and pronouns. More clearly if we define, adjectives are used to tell us about the goodness and badness of nouns and pronouns. It is one of the parts of speech. We use it to modify nouns and pronouns. More specifically an adjective shows the quantity, quality, number, shape, and many more. In other words, adjectives are called modifiers too. In this article, we will study adjectives in detail.

An adjective is a word that is used to qualify a noun or pronoun.

More examples

  • He is a good boy.
  • The lazy man was punished badly.
  • She is a brave girl.
  • She looks worried.
  • I am ill today.

More examples of adjectives.

Intelligent, foolish, kind, brave, Abrupt, helpful, helpless, high, hollow, homely, large, lazy, livid, lonely, loose, lovely, brave, bright, colossal, condescending, confused, distressed, disturbed, dizzy, excited, exhilarated, cooperative, cost, courage, acidic, adorable, adventure, aggressive. For more detail.

Adjectives can come before the noun or after the noun (after certain verbs) which is called the position of the adjective.


  • John is intelligent.
  • It looks ­fantastic­­­­­.

We use Adjectives to describe the words. They tell us about the color, size, shape, nature, quality, or condition of a noun. Examples are: blue, green, round, square, good, old, tall, brave, beautiful, tired, happy, exhausted, etc.

An adjective usually describes a noun and denotes a temporary or permanent quality associated with that noun. For example, an intelligent boy is a boy who is distinguished from other boys by being permanently intelligent. A square table is a table that is distinguished from other tables by being square. A brave soldier is a soldier who is distinguished from other soldiers by being brave.

Adjectives can answer the question ‘What kind?’ (Round tables; big city), ‘How much?’ (some rice, little effort) ‘Which one?’ (red shirt, first time), and ‘How many?’ (two boys, ten books).

Comparison of Adjective.

It is used to compare things, persons, and animals. We have three degrees of adjectives. check it out.

For example:

  • He is kind. (It is a positive degree. It means in positive we do not compare.)
  • He is more kind than him. (It is the comparative degree of the adjective)
  • He is the kindest student. (it is a superlative degree)

There are mainly 14 kinds of adjectives


  • The dull girl was punished badly.
  • Humanity expects every man to do his duty.
  • Adjectives can come before their nouns or after certain verbs.
  • She is intelligent.
  • It looks ­fantastic­­­­­.

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