Look vs stare

Look vs stare Difference and usages with example

Look vs stare. “Look” vs “stare” both refer to actions involving vision, but they have different connotations and levels of intensity: Look: “Look” generally implies

Simple present tense

Simple Present Tense Usages and examples

Simple Present Tense Usages. Simple Present tense Usages: It is used for habitual action, universal truth, daily activity, and general truth. Let’s study them one

Dynamic verbs and Stative Verbs

Dynamic verbs and Stative Verbs | Parts of Speech

Dynamic verb & Stative Verb are the main kinds of verbs, Dynamic verb shows physical action, stative verb show state.
He is ill.
She is fine.
They like movies.
I prefer tea to water.
We dislike coffee.
he owns a car.