Exclamatory Pronoun What! | 5 simple Examples and usages

exclamatory pronoun what

What is an exclamatory pronoun? (Exclamatory Pronoun What.

A pronoun (WH word) that is used to show sudden emotions (surprise) is called an exclamatory pronoun ‘what’. There is only one exclamatory pronoun which is what. It follows an exclamation mark (!). Whenever we become surprised suddenly these words replace the noun. In that case, it is working as an exclamatory pronoun.


  1. What! You do not know my name.
  2. What! You did not believe him.
  3. What! She does not accept me.
  4. What! They have come yet.
  5. What! We could not bring him to the party.

What is the only “WH” word which functions as an exclamatory pronoun? The rest of the WH words are not. We must mix up exclamatory adjectives and exclamatory sentences with them.

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Exclamatory adjectives:

Exclamatory adjectives function as an adjective which is used with a noun to show strong emotions. It does not take exclamation marks subsequently. We use the mark (!) at the end of the sentence.


  • What a beautiful girl!
  • What a strong man!
  • How cute baby!
  • What a high jump she did!
  • How powerful a man he is!
  • What an innocent animal!
  • How punctual she is!

So, now you can clearly understand that the word “what, how” is not used as a pronoun and does not take an exclamation mark subsequently.

What is an exclamatory Sentence?

An exclamatory sentence is like an exclamatory adjective, it is used to show sudden emotions (surprise, happiness, anger, and many more) and the mark (!) appears at the end of the sentence.


  • What a nice student she is!
  • How well-mannered she was!
  • What nonsense game they play!
  • How best a performance he showed!
  • What a difficult situation I faced!

Note: Interjections also take exclamation marks subsequently, like wow! hurrah! ah! but they are not working as pronouns. so we should not mix them.

More examples within sentences.

  • wow! I won the game.
  • hurrah! They came on time.
  • oh! She broke her leg.

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