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Find out the 'basic Englsih Grammars' or 'Advanced English Grammars.'

English Grammars, Basic and Advance Grammars

American English Grammars.

Learn all the English grammar, and structures in detail on this website. We have made article blog posts separately about each of them. 

  • The basic grammar.
  • The advanced Grammars.

Active and passive voice.

Active and passive voice is one of the important grammar in English. which plays a very essential role. The majority of the sentences are in active voice but not passive voice. what is active voice and what is passive voice, we study in this article in detail. indeed. We study why we change active into passive. what are the rules for changing an active sentence into a passive sentence?

Active and passive voice
Active and passive voice

The 11 Kinds of Pronouns.

The 11 kinds of pronouns are listed here in detail. Pronouns are one of the parts of speech. Which plays a major role in the English language. They are used in places of nouns to remove repetitions of nouns. There are 11 kinds of pronouns.

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