Question tags with answers – What are tag questions

Questions Tags:

Questions are mostly used for getting ideas about something. What is your name? Who are you? Are you a student? But tag questions are used for confirmation about something. They are the short questions that are used at the end of a statement. Tag questions are working inversely. Like

50 question tags with answers
50 question tags with answers

“The man is tall”. Is it not he? Over here the statement is positive but the tag is negative. And if the statement is negative then the tag will be positive. “The man is not tall.” Is he?

The formation of question tags.

 Helping verb (auxiliary verb) + not + subject +?

Whenever the statement is positive the tag will be in negative thought there are some other cases where we can use a positive statement plus a positive tag. Which will be studied below. These are examples of positive tag questions.

S#Positive Statement +Negative Tag
 1The man is tall.Isn’t he?
2The king is rude.Isn’t he?
3He was intelligent.Was he?
4They have a beautiful car.Doesn’t she?
5She wants a paper.Don’t they?
6You are ill.Aren’t I?
7I am a doctor.Aren’t we?
8John and Kim have a test today.Isn’t it?
9We are going to picnic now.Isn’t it?
10It is fast.Is not it?

Negative statement:

Tense: Learn the tense to improve more.

Helping verb (auxiliary verb) + subject +?

In a negative statement, we add a positive tag question. Through which we can confirm the idea.

S#Negative StatementNegative Tag
1The man is not tall.Is he?
2The king is not rude>Is he?
3I am not intelligent.Am I?
4They do have not a car.Have they?
5She does not want a paper.Does she?
6We did not play football.Did we?
7He had not plugged the wire.Had he?
8You are not listening to the music.Are you?
11John and Kamran did not swim in the park.Did they?
12All the members kept quiet.Did they?
13I will play piano.Won’t I?
  • won’t is the contracted form of will not

The answer to Tag Questions:

Tag questions are answered differently. Depends upon the statement and purpose of the statement. Mostly we answer with yes/no. but in some cases, we repeat the same tag questions. Most students get confused while answering the tag questions. But do not worry over here we get it.

S#Statement Tag QuestionsAnswers
1The wall is white.Is it not he?Yes, it is.
2The wall is not white.Is it?No, it is.
3He is a man.Doesn’t he?Yes, he is.
4The boy climbs the wall.Isn’t it?Yes, he does.
5We are human beings.Isn’t it?Yes, we are.
6The cat is a human.Doesn’t it?No, it is not.
7The fire burns.Isn’t it?Yes, it does.
8The fire cannot burn wire.Can It?Yes, it can.
9The cow can talk.Cannot it?No, it cannot.
10The roof of the home is high.Is not it?No, it is not.

In some cases, if we agree or disagree with the idea of someone we can answer with both yes and no. there won’t be a specific rule.

Like: The ashes are not hot.  Is it?   Yes, it is not. Over here we agreed with the idea of the speaker so we answered with yes, but we can disagree also. No, it is hot.

How to make tag questions of Imperatives sentences.

Imperative sentences that contain orders, requests, invitations, or permission, can be also used in tag questions. We follow the same rule as above if the sentence does not have a helping verb we use it according to the tense. Like open your books. Don’t you? Or open your books, won’t you? But if the sentence is requested or help we mostly use can / can’t will or would.

S#Imperative Sentences Tag Questions
1Stand up.Won’t you?
2Clean the whiteboard.Do not you?
3Clean the room. Please!Cannot you?
4Close the door.Would you?
5Close the door.Won’t you?
6Pass me the salt.Will you?
7I want to go out.  Cannot I?
8I do not want to go out.Do I?

Special note:   Negative adverbs

Some adverbs which give a negative sense in the sentence, do not need any negative words like not. We make a tag of them in positive. Like:  never, rarely, seldom, and hardly. They are the adverbs that do not need the word not. They give a negative sense. So the tag questions mostly will be positive.

S#Statement with AdverbsTag Questions
1They rarely go for praying.Do they?
2She never speaks politely.Does she?
3I seldom speak on the calls.Do I?
4He can hardly give $ 100.Can he?
5We never spend uselessly.Do we?

Exercise of Tag Questions

  1. The machine will work. Won’t it?
  2. The machine will not work. Will it? She never comes on time to class, do you?
  3. Nobody knows, do they?
  4. You won’t be late, will you?
  5. The doctor couldn’t help him, could he?
  6. The patient rarely comes to the doctor. Does he?
  7. We’d never have known, would we?
  8. The home is destroyed.          Isn’t it?
  9. She is intelligent.  Isn’t she?
  10. The cat can jump on the wall.   Cannot it?
  11. Shut up, will you!
  12. Nothing will happen to them, will it?
  13. They never spend the paper.  Do they?

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