Phrasal Verb || verbal phrase examples

Phrasal verb meanings and examples

Phrasal verb or verbal phrase.

A phrasal verb is made of a phrase. what is the phrase: A collection of words that may contain a noun, verb, or adjective but not have the subject which does the action or something / sometimes may not be giving a sense. Its Adjective will be Phrasal. so we have different kinds of phrases. noun phrase, verb phrase adverb phrase, and adjective phrase. in this article, we only study phrasal verbs.


  • The sun rises in the east.
  • She wore a hat with blue trimming
  • Holding the toy, the child slept.
  • making noise is forbidden in the class.
  • Looking after him made me crazy.


A verb is a word that gives the sentence a complete meaning and a sense.

  • Mazarin worked hard for the world.
  • They try to get the position.
  • She pretends to go out.
  • They offered him good luck.
  • We called the police.

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Phrasal Verb.

The verbs combine with Adverbs and prepositions to make Phrasal Verbs or Phrase Verbs.

  • He turns off the TV.
  • They turned up their cars.
  • Her grandmother passed away.
  • She looks off the shirt.
  • I turn off the fan.

Some Phrasal Verbs.

Phrasal Verb Meaning Examples
Work outExerciseWe have to work out at the gym  daily to make muscles
Hurry upAct quicklyHurry up! We are late.
Pass awayDieWhen her father came, she passed away.
Speak upSpeak loudly and clearlySpeak up! We can’t hear you.
Put outDislocate, beginI must have put out my shoulder when I played the game.
Make forGo in the direction ofHurry up! Let’s make for home. It’s late.
Look in onTo visit to check somethingWe must look in on him to know if he is fine.
Cry outUrgently requiredWe are crying out for some help.
Break inForce entry into a buildingSomebody broke in last night and stole our stereo.
Put upProvide for a business purposeHe put up all his money at risk.
Get upGet out of bedgot up early today to study for my exam.
Let inAllow enteringCan you let the cat in before you go to school?

List of phrasal verbs