Simple Present Tense Usages and examples

simple present tense usages

Simple Present Tense Usages.

Simple Present tense Usages: It is used for habitual action, universal truth, daily activity, and general truth. Let’s study them one by one with examples and usages.

A) Habitual action:

As it is quite clear from the title any action which we gain by habit.


SentencesHabitual Actions
She cleans the room every morning.It is an activity that is done by habit.
They walk up early in the morning.Habitual actions which are done usually can be changed.
He plays football.It is a habitual action that he does. It varies.
They brush their teeth before sleep.Habitual Action is changeable.

These are the activities that we perform by habit, not by nature or birth. It means they have adopted them by doing daily. These activities can be changed. If we do not perform them for some days.

B) Universal truth: 

All those activities are initially true. They can’t be changed. They include gender or uniqueness,

A) Gender:

SentencesGender (not changeable)
She is a girl.The gender is feminine.
He is a boy.The gender is masculine.
They are human beings.The sort (sex) is human.
It is a dog.The sort animal.

We cannot change the gender of a person. Though nowadays we have found different kinds of machines that change gender, naturally it cannot be changed.  Like we don’t say “She was a girl.” but now she is a boy. It means the gender has been changed.

B) Uniqueness:

Allah is one.It is unique, and cannot be more than one.
The Sun rises from the east.The location is fixed. Cannot change.
He died yesterday.He has passed away with no change.
The ice is cold.It cannot be hot. If we make it hot then it is water, not ice.
The earth is round.It is the same since the day of creation.

The above sentences are unique, and can’t be changed. Like Allah can’t be several. The sun rises from the east. It never rises from the west. There are many other examples that we will study at the end.

C) Daily activity:

 The activities which we perform every day. Whether it is homework, going to school, going to your work, or playing early in the morning. These are the daily activities for which we use the simple present tense usages.


SentencesDaily Activities.
 She goes to school every day.It is her everyday work.
He opens the shop in the morning.It is his daily routine work.
They cook the food every day.Everyday job.
she cleans the room in the morning.duty every day.
We go for prayers on time.fix job obligatory.

Everyday activities are done daily. We don’t get them by habit or nature. As mentioned above ‘she goes to school every day.’ He opens the shop in the morning.

D) General Truth.

A general truth: it is slightly different from universal truth. Universal can’t be changed by the passage of time or humans, but the general truth is the reality that is currently visible. It can be changed as time passes.

ExampleGeneral truth
UAE is a beautiful city.Currently, it is the same, but can be changed in the future.
He is white.Right now his skin is white. But it can be changed.
They are united.Now they are united, but no guarantee in the upcoming time. 
simple present tense usage

 Simple Present Tense Examples.

SentencesGeneral Truth
He is a doctorShows status
They are juveniles.Shows their age
He is kind.Status
I feel illDescribe the feeling
Give me the plate.order
Can you pass the salt?request.

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