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IELTS Speaking Task 2 with 100 Exciting Topics.

IELTS Speaking Topics

Introduction of ielts speaking Topics.

Introduction of IELTS Speaking: The IELTS speaking test consists of three parts – part 1, part 2, and part 3. In part 1, the examiner asks general questions about yourself and everyday topics. You have one minute to prepare and 1-2 minutes to answer. Part 2 involves speaking about a given topic card for 1-2 minutes, and part 3 focuses on topics and questions related to part 2. To prepare for the IELTS test, it is helpful to practice speaking part 1 and part 2 topics with sample answers. You can also find model answers for common IELTS speaking topics and questions for parts 2 and 3.

Are you preparing to ace your IELTS speaking test? In this blog post, we will delve into the essential IELTS speaking topics for Part 2, providing you with valuable insights and tips to excel in your test. Let’s explore the world of IELTS by speaking together!

Understanding IELTS Speaking Part 2

In the IELTS speaking test, Part 2 focuses on your ability to speak at length on a given topic. You will be presented with a task card containing a specific topic and some questions to guide your response. This segment aims to assess your fluency, coherence, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Top 100 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics.

Top 100 IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics cover a wide range of subjects that test your ability to speak fluently for 1-2 minutes on a given topic. In this section, you are presented with a cue card that contains the Part 2 topic and you have 1 minute to prepare before you need to speak for 1-2 minutes.

The topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2 are different from Part 3 as they focus more on personal experiences, opinions, or describing something. It’s crucial to practice with IELTS speaking sample questions and answers to familiarize yourself with the format. Recently, there has been a surge in free IELTS resources available online, such as 50 recent IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 topics with model answers for IELTS 2024. When the examiner asks you to move on to the topic, make sure to structure your answers for IELTS clearly and stay on track to showcase your language skills.

  1. Discuss your favorite book and explain why you enjoy it.
  2. Describe a memorable trip you have taken and its significance.
  3. Talk about a person who has influenced your life positively.
  4. Share your views on the importance of sports in education.
  5. Explain how technology has changed the way we communicate.
  6. Describe a person who has had a significant influence on your life.
  7. Describe a memorable event from your childhood.
  8. Describe a place you have visited that you found particularly beautiful.
  9. Describe a book that you enjoyed reading.
  10. Describe an important piece of news you recently heard.
  11. Describe a goal you achieved that was difficult.
  12. Describe a favorite movie and explain why you like it.
  13. Describe a time when you helped someone.
  14. Describe a special meal you had.
  15. Describe a sport you enjoy playing or watching.
  16. Describe a city you would like to visit in the future.
  17. Describe an important decision you made in your life.
  18. Describe a family tradition.
  19. Describe a time you were very busy.
  20. Describe a favorite hobby.
  21. Describe a skill you would like to learn.
  22. Describe a time when you were lost.
  23. Describe a time when you received good advice.
  24. Describe a person you admire.
  25. Describe a memorable trip or vacation.
  26. Describe a time when you had to wait for something.
  27. Describe a favorite restaurant.
  28. Describe a situation where you had to use a foreign language.
  29. Describe a gift you gave or received.
  30. Describe a special event in your life.
  31. Describe a time when you were proud of yourself.
  32. Describe a famous person you would like to meet.
  33. Describe a time you disagreed with someone.
  34. Describe a favorite piece of clothing.
  35. Describe a cultural event you attended.
  36. Describe a time you had to apologize.
  37. Describe a job you would like to have.
  38. Describe a time when you were surprised.
  39. Describe a place where you like to go to relax.
  40. Describe a tradition in your country.
  41. Describe a time you experienced a change.
  42. Describe a teacher who made a difference in your life.
  43. Describe a time you tried something new.
  44. Describe a project you worked on.
  45. Describe an old friend you met recently.
  46. Describe a difficult situation you faced.
  47. Describe a favorite piece of art.
  48. Describe a time when you had to be brave.
  49. Describe a historical event you are interested in.
  50. Describe a place where you like to study.
  51. Describe a time when you were disappointed.
  52. Describe a time you worked as part of a team.
  53. Describe an activity you do to keep fit.
  54. Describe a time when you helped a stranger.
  55. Describe a time when you made a mistake.
  56. Describe an interesting conversation you had.
  57. Describe a place where you like to shop.
  58. Describe a time you attended a live performance.
  59. Describe a subject you enjoyed studying at school.
  60. Describe a building you like.
  61. Describe a festival or celebration in your country.
  62. Describe a favorite outdoor activity.
  63. Describe a time when you felt very happy.
  64. Describe a special family member.
  65. Describe a skill that is important for your job.
  66. Describe a time when you got up early.
  67. Describe a park or garden you like.
  68. Describe a time when you met someone new.
  69. Describe a piece of equipment you use regularly.
  70. Describe a time when you complimented someone.
  71. Describe an interesting place in your hometown.
  72. Describe a favorite photograph.
  73. Describe a difficult decision you made.
  74. Describe a time when you felt nervous.
  75. Describe a time when you received unexpected money.
  76. Describe a person who is good at their job.
  77. Describe a traditional meal in your country.
  78. Describe a time when you were late.
  79. Describe an interesting hobby you would like to take up.
  80. Describe a famous landmark in your country.
  81. Describe a time when you were stuck in traffic.
  82. Describe a favorite toy from your childhood.
  83. Describe a time when you were surprised by someone.
  84. Describe a favorite piece of music.
  85. Describe a time when you felt proud of a family member.
  86. Describe a piece of good news you received.
  87. Describe a time when you used your imagination.
  88. Describe a natural disaster that occurred in your country.
  89. Describe a time when you felt homesick.
  90. Describe a famous building you have visited.
  91. Describe a time when you found something valuable.
  92. Describe a favorite season of the year.
  93. Describe a successful business person you know about.
  94. Describe a hobby you used to do but no longer do.
  95. Describe a traditional event in your country.
  96. Describe a place where you like to go for a walk.
  97. Describe a person you enjoy spending time with.
  98. Describe a place where you like to read.
  99. Describe a memorable party you attended.
  100. Describe a time when you won a prize.
  101. Describe a job interview experience.
  102. Describe a time when you learned something new.
  103. Describe an unusual holiday or vacation.
  104. Describe a time when you faced a challenge.
  105. Describe a person who has interesting ideas.

Some usefull topics for general discussion, which help the students and teachers to improve their speaking power.

Examples of Daily Routine Speaking Part 2

One common theme in IELTS speaking topics is daily routines. Here are some sample questions you might encounter:

  1. What is your typical daily routine like?
  2. How do you manage your time effectively throughout the day?
  3. Do you think having a structured routine is essential for productivity?
  4. Describe your typical daily routine.
  5. Describe a part of your daily routine that you particularly enjoy.
  6. Describe a time when you had to change your daily routine.
  7. Describe your morning routine.
  8. Describe a routine activity you do every evening.
  9. Describe a daily routine you would like to improve.
  10. Describe a time when your daily routine was disrupted.
  11. Describe a weekend routine that you enjoy.
  12. Describe a productive daily habit you have developed.
  13. Describe a routine task you do at work or school.
  14. Describe a daily exercise routine you follow.
  15. Describe a household chore that is part of your daily routine.
  16. Describe your bedtime routine.
  17. Describe a daily routine that helps you relax.
  18. Describe a routine you had as a child.
  19. Describe a daily routine that you find boring.
  20. Describe a time when you changed your daily routine for health reasons.
  21. Describe a daily routine that helps you stay organized.
  22. Describe a routine you follow when you are on vacation.
  23. Describe a time when your daily routine helped you achieve a goal.

Nailing the Famous Person IELTS Speaking Part 2

When discussing famous individuals in the IELTS speaking test, consider these points:

  1. Choose a well-known figure you admire or respect.
  2. Explain why this person inspires you.
  3. Share how their actions have made a positive impact on society.
  4. Start with a brief introduction of the person, including their name and why they are famous.
  5. “Today, I would like to talk about Elon Musk, who is famous for his groundbreaking work in technology and space exploration.”
  6. Provide some background information about the individual, such as their early life, education, and how they began their career.
  7. “Elon Musk was born in South Africa and later moved to the United States. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned degrees in physics and economics.”
  8. Highlight the key achievements and contributions of the individual. Mention awards, notable works, or significant milestones.
  9. “Musk is the founder of several innovative companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, and Neuralink. His work with SpaceX has made significant advancements in space travel, such as the development of reusable rockets.
  10. Discuss the personal qualities and characteristics that make this person stand out. For example, their determination, creativity, or leadership skills.
  11. “One of Musk’s most notable qualities is his relentless ambition and vision for the future. He is known for his risk-taking and willingness to tackle seemingly impossible challenges.”
  12. Explain the impact this person has had on their field or society. Consider how they have influenced others or changed perceptions.
  13. “Musk’s contributions have had a profound impact on renewable energy and space exploration. His work with Tesla has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry, promoting sustainable energy solutions worldwide.”
  14. Share why you admire this person and how they have inspired you. Mention any personal connection or relevance to your life.
  15. “I admire Elon Musk for his visionary thinking and determination. He has inspired me to pursue my own goals with a similar level of passion and commitment.”
  16. Provide information about what the individual is currently doing. Mention any recent activities, projects, or contributions.
  17. “Currently, Musk continues to innovate with SpaceX aiming for manned missions to Mars and Tesla working on new electric vehicle models and renewable energy products.”

Discussing Education Topics in IELTS Speaking Part 2

Education is a relevant subject in IELTS speaking. Here are some potential questions you could encounter:

  1. What changes would you like to see in the current education system?
  2. How do you think technology is shaping the future of education?
  3. Discuss the role of teachers in a student’s overall development.
  4. Describe a memorable teacher you had.
  5. Describe a subject you enjoyed studying in school.
  6. Describe a time when you studied for an important exam.
  7. Describe an educational trip you went on.
  8. Describe a skill you learned outside of school.
  9. Describe a project or piece of homework you completed.
  10. Describe an extracurricular activity you participated in.
  11. Describe a classmate who influenced your studies.
  12. Describe a time when you helped someone with their studies.
  13. Describe a piece of educational advice you received.
  14. Describe a time when you were proud of your academic achievements.
  15. Describe an educational institution you would like to attend.
  16. Describe a speech or presentation you gave in school.
  17. Describe a book that helped you in your studies.
  18. Describe a time when you found a subject difficult.
  19. Describe an educational goal you have set for yourself.
  20. Describe a teacher who made learning enjoyable.
  21. Describe a time when you studied with a group.
  22. Describe a change you would like to see in the education system.
  23. Describe a school event or activity you participated in.
  24. Describe a technology that has improved your learning experience.
  25. Describe a time when you had to balance studies with other responsibilities.
  26. Describe an educational website or app you use.
  27. Describe a language you learned and how you learned it.
  28. Describe a time when you used what you learned in school in real life.
  29. Describe an educational achievement that required a lot of effort.
  30. Describe a time when you felt motivated to study.
  31. Describe a seminar or workshop you attended.
  32. Describe a library you visited.
  33. Describe a time when you were stressed about school.
  34. Describe a study method that works well for you.
  35. Describe a time when you had to research for a project.
  36. Describe an interesting lesson you had.
  37. Describe a test or exam you found challenging.
  38. Describe a competition you participated in at school.
  39. Describe a school you attended as a child.
  40. Describe an educational TV program or documentary you watched.
  41. Describe a time when you studied a subject you didn’t like.
  42. Describe a memorable school assembly.
  43. Describe a time when you taught someone something.
  44. Describe a scholarship or award you received.
  45. Describe a mentor who helped you with your education.
  46. Describe a school trip you remember.
  47. Describe a time when you had to present a project to your class.
  48. Describe an online course you took.
  49. Describe a time when you improved your grades.
  50. Describe a school tradition or ceremony.
  51. Describe a book that changed your perspective on a subject.
  52. Describe a science experiment you conducted.
  53. Describe a time when you felt bored in class.
  54. Describe a learning experience that was fun.
  55. Describe an after-school activity you enjoyed.
  56. Describe a student exchange program you participated in.
  57. Describe a parent-teacher meeting you remember.
  58. Describe a time when you felt unprepared for an exam.
  59. Describe a field trip that taught you something new.
  60. Describe a friend who motivated you to study.
  61. Describe a teacher who gave you valuable advice.
  62. Describe a class discussion you found interesting.
  63. Describe a hobby that helps you in your studies.
  64. Describe a book that was part of your curriculum.
  65. Describe a time when you took a leadership role in a group project.

There are some audios which can help you grow your listening skills.

In conclusion, mastering IELTS speaking topics for Part 2 requires preparation, practice, and confidence. By familiarizing yourself with diverse themes and honing your speaking skills, you can boost your performance on test day. Remember to stay composed, articulate your thoughts clearly, and engage with the topics authentically. Best of luck on your IELTS journey!

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