The 30 best Essay Topics for writing in English.

The 30 Best Essay Topics for Writing.

Writing is one of the most essential skills in the English Language. A good writer can be a good speaker and reader. So if you want to be a good writer you need to know the skills of it. In additions. You must have vast and interesting titles for your essay. So, selecting the 30 best essay topics is essential. 

30 best Essay Topics for writing

30 Best Essay Topics for Writing

  1. A working mother faces many problems.
  2. Should a woman work outside?
  3. Working mothers face many problems concerning their children.
  4. Modern technology has increased the problems of working mothers.
  5. Can we solve the problems of working mothers with new technology?
  6. Working females live more difficult lives rather than males.
  7. Can we decrease the problems through modern technology?
  8. Discrimination brings war in society.
  9. Wild animals should not be kept at home as pets.
  10. Human beings are naturally innocent but society makes evil and angle.
  11. We must use less modern things in schools.
  12. Smoke destroys the atmosphere.
  13. More electrical machinery should be invented.
  14. Justice can only bring peace to society.
  15. Rules must be banned acting negatively toward the public.
  16. Working hours should be decreased in Asia.
  17. The weekend must be 3 days.
  18. Holidays must be one day a week.
  19. Teachers must be given higher salaries rather than any government workers.
  20. Teaching is one of the best professions but doesn’t have any value in 3rd world countries.
  21. Modern technologies have brought many changes but have created more problems for teachers.
  22. Modern technology has vanished loyalty and love.
  23. Students must study hard but they need to sleep more to keep themselves healthy.
  24. Health is better than money. How to gain rich and health?
  25. The atmosphere is getting destroyed day by day. Can the new generation bring changes to it?
  26. Social media has made the job of journalists very easy.
  27. A businessman is better than a government man.
  28. Human beings are made free. Do you think governmental jobs lead us to a free life?  
  29. Life is a race. Does everyone participate in this race?
  30. A successful life is working more rather than participating in family activities. Do you think their families live happy lives?

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Simple and the best essay topics for writing.

  1. Student life is more difficult than practical life.
  2. Bikes are more dangerous than cars.
  3. School timing should be less for kids.
  4. Kids must not be punished in primary schools.
  5. Pets destroy human lives.
  6. Cats and dogs should be kept away from home.
  7. Parks and swimming pools should be banned for students.
  8. Pets: like dogs and cats can be better than children.
  9. Animals should be given more value in America.
  10. Americans give more love and value to animals rather than human beings.
  11. Primary schools should begin at 10 am.
  12. Child labor is abuse. Do you think it won’t keep the child safe from wrong activities?
  13. Working in childhood makes the future of children.
  14. Working more than 10 hours should be banned for human beings. It destroys health.
  15. Machinery has made the work simple but life complicated.
  16. Fast food is available everywhere but has more negative effects on human bodies.
  17. Homes should have playgrounds.
  18. Games keep us fresh but more technology games have affected the human brain too much.
  19. Infants should be given full freedom.
  20. Teenage should not take a single step without their parent’s permission.
  21. A father must give his son half freedom at the age of 15.
  22. My favorite activity is reading books.
  23. Teaching is the best profession among all other professions.

Discussion titles for students.

Best essay topics for writing in Middle School

  1. Students are punctual during school.
  2. Playing football is my hobby.
  3. Teachers are role models for students.
  4. Can teachers change student’s life more than society’s?
  5. Fathers can change the mindset of students.
  6. Leaders are life changers in public life.
  7. An educated mother can teach her children better than any other teacher.
  8. Teachers must give rewards to students weekly.
  9. Middle schools should have exercise trainers.
  10. Parents should not give extra money to students.
  11. Homework should be removed from middle school.
  12. On weekends students should be forced to do homework.
  13. Games improve the mindset of the students more than theory.
  14. Summer holidays are really enjoyable for kids.
  15. Winter holidays give more opportunities for students rather than weekends.
  16. Uniforms should not be changed quickly.
  17. Documentaries can improve the knowledge of the students.
  18. Students must be taken to parks and zoos monthly.
  19. Female students shouldn’t go on a long trip with teachers.
  20. Parents must not permit their children to go on long trips.
  21. A father must take the children on trips once in six months.
  22. Traveling can teach us more than reading books.
  23. Can we live a happier practical life rather than a student life?
  24. Working online is better than manual work.
  25. Online work should be decreased.

Best essay titles for sports

  1. Football and cricket must not be part of middle school.
  2. Computer games should not be allowed for small students.
  3. Parents must not let their kids play dangerous games.
  4. Ruby and football are dangerous games for students.
  5. Can girls and boys play football together?
  6. Cricket is a safe game for students.
  7. Table tennis and volleyball are challenging games.
  8. Dance and singing must not be allowed in high school.
  9. Dancing and singing have negative effects on the minds of students.
  10.  Which team plays the best game in football?
  11.  What is your favorite game?
  12.  Athletes should be given extra time for learning.
  13.  The fees of athletes should be paid in schools.
  14.  Which games are easy and safe for girls?
  15.  Athletes cannot learn proper education.
  16. Boxing and karate make the players disabled.
  17. A boxer can be mentally in the future.
  18. Gymnastics and karate make a player more active than football.
  19. Girls and boys should not have karate games together.
  20. Can a girl compete with a boy in karate?
  21. Football has many advantages and disadvantages.
  22. Modern technology has made football games very safe.
  23. Teachers must be having football team to play with students.
  24. Do you think a coach can be a good trainer?
  25.  Trainers must be allowed to participate in games.

Best essay titles for Family.

  1. A joint family is better than a separate family.
  2. A joint family has many advantages.
  3. A separate family has many disadvantages.
  4. Being in a large family has many benefits.
  5. Love marriage makes life complicated.
  6. Arranged marriages are always successful.