What is noun? | what is pronoun? | How many

What is a noun?

A word noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. Which has many kinds. The noun is apart from the pronoun. It can be a person. like:

MarkUnited KingdomTreesfish

More Examples with sentences:


  • Ali is a boy.
  • Ahmad is a student.
  • Hussain is a teacher.
  • John is a doctor
  • khan and John are kind.


  • Quetta is a beautiful city.
  • Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan.
  • America is a rich country.
  • The United Kingdom is central to Asia.
  • Iran plays an important role in business.


  • It is a book.
  • It is a chair.
  • It is a pencil.
  • The table is in the room.
  • cars are comfortable.


  • cat is running.
  • The dog is white.
  • All the rates are killed.
  • The fish are in the water.
  • Cows are big.

What is a pronoun?


Definition: A word that is used in place of a noun is called a pronoun.

We have seven pronouns:

 I, We, you, they, He, She & It



  • Quaid-e-Azam is the founder of Pakistan.

He is the founder of Pakistan.


  • Kate is a teacher.

She is a teacher.


  • Ahmad and Ali are my students.

They are my students.


  • The cat is on the table.

It is on the table.


I and Ali are friends.

We are friends.


  • I am a student.

How many:

How many are used to knowing the number of countable things?


  • How many languages can you speak?
  • How many mangoes are there in the bucket?
  • How many boys are there in the classroom?
  • How many teachers are there in EYES?
  • How many brothers and sisters are you?
  • How many books do you have?
  • How many people come in?