What is an article in (English grammar) 2022

What is an article?

What is an article that is a tiny question? A word that is used before a noun to specify that noun is called an article. (a, an, the) they are the three articles that play an important role in making sentences. (a. an) are considered definite articles and (the) is an indefinite article which we will study in detail below. So In English, we have two kinds of articles. Which are given below. 

Kinds of the article:-

  • Definite article.
  • Indefinite article.

1. Definite :

“The” is called a definite article.


  • The man.
  • The tree.
  • The walls.
  • the woman.
  • the fan.

Example within the sentence.

  • The man is standing in the line.
  • the tree gives a shadow.
  • The wall is thought.
  • The woman is active.
  • The is giving fresh air.

2. Indefinite:

“A” and “An” are called indefinite articles.


  • A boy
  • a girl
  • A man
  • A woman
  • An umbrella
  • An owner
  • An engineer
  • An  angle

    Example within the sentence. 
  •  I saw a boy.
  • She is a girl.
  • I have an umbrella.
  • An engineer can make buildings.
A1: I saw a girl.2: He has a terrible journey.
An1: You gave me an orange.2: I bought you an apple.
The1: I always listen to the radio.2: I love the flower in your garden.

what is a noun?


A word noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or animal.

  • Kamaran is a student.
  • John plays football.
  • Kamran and John study in the same school

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Possessive Adjective:

Definition:   An adjective that shows the possession or ownership of something.


my, your, his, her, its, our, there, and they are used before a noun pronoun to show ownership.


  • This is your pen.
  • Your cat has bitten my cat.
  • My brother went home.