English Grammar | Speaking, Writing, Reading, & Listening skills

English is an internationally used language. It has an important effect on communication, business, education, sport, and personal lives. In today’s competitive world, the ability to speak and write good English can open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, many people struggle with English grammar, making mistakes that can impact their confidence and success. In this piece of article, I am going to teach you the grammatical structure and errors. Indeed, you can find out the important tips and tricks to be an expert in your four skills. Like speaking, writing, reading, and listening.

The Importance of English Grammars in Communication:

English grammars are an important factor that governs the structure of the English language. It plays a necessary role in effective communication, when you use English grammar correctly, your words make sense and are easy to understand. Whether you are delivering a speech, writing essay or business emails, or having a conversation, good and effective English grammar help you express your thoughts more clearly, but if you make mistakes in your grammar, you obviously put negative impacts.  Your message may not be clear and to the point.  

Good English grammar can help you communicate effectively and it makes you sound more confident and professional. In addition. It increases your professional image. It is also the key to opening doors of new opportunities and helping you succeed in business life. So if you are discussing with people, colleagues, clients, or any customer, your clear and good English grammar impact your professional reputation too much.

A Comprehensive List of English Grammars

Parts of Speech









Sentence Structure

Simple Sentences

Compound Sentences

Complex Sentences

Compound-Complex Sentences

All Tenses of English Language.

Present Simple tense

Present Continuous tense

Present Perfect tense

Present Perfect Continuous tense.

Past Simple tense

Past Continuous tense

Past Perfect tense

Past Perfect Continuous tense.

Future Simple tense.

Future Continuous tense.

Future Perfect tense.

Future Perfect Continuous tense.

Here is a list of common English grammar topics:

Noun forms: Singular, plural, and possessive forms of nouns.

Capitalization: The rules for capitalizing words in English.

Spelling: The correct spelling of words in English, including commonly misspelled words.

Active and passive voice

Imperative sentences

Indirect and direct objects

Relative clauses

What is Gerund?

What is infinitive?

Conditional sentences (first, second, and third type)

Prepositional phrases

Coordination and subordination conjunctions.

Punctuation: The use of punctuation marks in English, including commas, periods, semicolons, colons, and exclamation marks.

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