How to write a Sick leave application in school.

A sick leave application Medal school

What is an application?

It is a formal written paper in which we describe our thoughts to our school teachers or the dean of the college. In a sick leave application, we mention our health condition or the reason for being absent. There are two types of applications.

  1. Sick leave application for school.
  2. Urgent piece of work application.

What is a sick leave application?

A sick leave application is a formal request made by a student. It is submitted to the school for taking leave due to illness or disease. Every student must know how to write the application.

Writing a sick leave application for school requires a clear and concise format to convey the necessary information to the principal or director. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to write the application.

As a student, you must inform your institution to become aware of your absence. It has many advantages. First, you will be considered a responsible student, secondly, your marks won’t be deducted. Thirdly, the class teacher will get to know about your condition. Indeed, you won’t be considered a rule breaker. Because most of the institution has strict rules regarding absentees.  

Tips for writing Sick Leave Application for school in English:

While writing a sick application for school you must follow these steps.

  • Take a clean paper and a blue pen.
  • Start writing greetings to the principal or director of your school. (to the principal of/ to the director of,)
  • Name of the school (Yazdan Khan Model High School.)
  • The subject of the sick leave application (application for sick leave)
  • Reason for leave.
  • Number of days for leave.
  • Gratitude to the teacher.
  • Your name and signature.

The most important thing to note is that your writing should be clean and readable. There should not be any grammatical errors spelling errors, or punctuation errors. Indeed, it must be written politely and briefly so that the principal is convinced.

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A sick leave application Medal school.

A sick leave application in English for Medal school by students.

The Director of / the Principal of
Govt, Yazdan Khan Model High School Quetta,

Subject – Sick Leave Application for one day.

Dear Sir/Madam,

With most respect, I state/beg to say that I am ill with a headache from last night. Due to that I can’t even stand and walk. So, I am unable to attend my classes today. My doctor has advised me to rest for one day. Therefore, I can’t attend the class today.

I, therefore, request you to grant me leave for one day. I shall be thankful to you.

Yours obediently,
Kamran Ali
Class – 10th
Roll No. -45
Date – 12.7.2023

sick leave application

An application for High school.

The Director of / the Principal of
Govt, Yazdan Khan Model High School Quetta,

Subject – Sick Leave Application

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I am Ali from class 10. This application is to inform you that I am suffering from severe stomachache and fever. Therefore, I am unable to attend the class today for 3 days. As I visited the door urgently last night, and was advised by my doctor to take rest for some days.

The description report of the doctor is attached for your reference.

Kindly grant me leave for 3 days. I believe you will grant me leave.

I shall be very grateful to you.

Yours obediently,
Ali Khan    
Class – 10th
Roll No. – 07
Date – 13.05.2023

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A sick leave application for office.

A sick leave application is a formal written request submitted by an employee to their employer. Sometimes, you will need to seek temporary leave from work due to illness. This Application includes details about the applicants.

Such as:

  1. The employee’s name.
    1.  The dates for which leave is requested.
    1.  A brief explanation of the medical condition.
    1.  Indeed provide any supporting medical documentation if required.

 The purpose of an application for sick leave is to notify the office. It makes the office aware. They will fill your place by replacing any worker. In addition to that, Adhering to company policies and procedures, the sick leave application serves as a means of maintaining transparency and accountability between the employee and the employer, ensuring that the absence is appropriately managed within the workplace.

A sick leave application for my Child by my parents.


The Principal/ Madam
Girl High School.

Subject: Sick Leave for My Child

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am here to inform you that my (son/daughter) is not feeling well and has a high fever from last night. Owing to the abnormal condition, she/he cannot attend school for today day. The doctor’s description is enclosed for your perusal and record.

Therefore, I request you to grant him/ her leave for today.

I shall be very grateful to you.

The details of my child are as follows:

Name: Tom / Jerry
Class: 4th Section ‘C’
Roll Number: 45

Thanking you.

(Sincere Regards,)

(Signature of the parent)

An application for a sick daughter after she went to school. Sometimes being busy a parent cannot send an application on time. So, they become compelled to send it the next day. 


The Principal/Madam of
Ommath Public School.

Subject: Application to inform the school about taking a day’s leave.

Respected Sir/Madam/Miss,

I would like to make you aware (inform you) that my daughter Shimla has been sick since yesterday She has remained in bed and couldn’t move due to severe illness, which is why she remained absent yesterday. Being so busy I could not send an application on time. Kindly grant her leave for yesterday and allow her to sit in class today.

I will be thankful to you.

Name: Shimla
Class: 4th Section ‘C’
Roll Number: 45

Sincere Regards,

(Signature of the parent)

To the principal/Madam of,
Ommath Public School,

Subject: a sick leave application by a parent.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Being a father of Shimla, I have a humble request for my daughter. My daughter has severe fiver from last night and has gotten stuck in bed. She cannot attend the class for some days. Kindly grant her leave for some days (mention the number of days), until she gets well.

I will be very grateful to you.

Name: Shimla
Class: 4th Section ‘C’
Roll Number: 45

Sincere Regards,

(Signature of the parent)

Different Reasons for being absent from school.

The above samples are just about sick leave applications. There can be so many other reasons for being absent from school. The following are the common reasons that mostly happen to students.

  • Sick leave application.
  • Visiting family members away from home.
  • Going to marriage parties.
  • Attending celebrations in towns/villages.
  • Going to annual family parties.
  • Having an urgent piece work of work at home or outside the home.
  • Joining some traditional celebrations with relatives.
  • Funeral ceremony.
  • Annual death ceremony of family or relatives.