Possessive Pronouns | mine, yours, his, her, its, theirs, ours

Possessive Pronouns

What are Possessive Pronouns?

Possessive Pronouns show possession and ownership of the noun in the sentence. 

They are used at the end of sentences like objective pronouns. Possessive pronouns are “mine, ours, yours, his, hers, theirs, yours. They replace a noun that is already defined in the sentence. Like: I like this car. It is mine.

Now the car is already defined in the sentence which is replaced by the possessive pronoun. Mine.

Subjective PronounsPossessive Pronouns

 Example within sentences.

  • This is the car which is mine.
  • check carefully the table it is yours.
  • He is a very kind person. This pen is his.
  • I know her kindness. These words are hers.
  • The cat is active, its tail is long. The tail is its.
  • We are students, the books are ours.
  • The plans are theirs, they have planned.

Notice that some of the possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives are the same as his and its but depend upon the usage of it. Like possessive adjectives are used before the noun to modify the same noun.

Possessive adjectives are the words like “my, your, his, her, its, our, and their,” that are used before the noun to show ownership and possession.


Subjective PronounsPossessive PronounsPossessive adjective
  • My care is broken which is not yours.
  • They are my friends
  • It is his book which is on the table.
  • She knows the words that are written in our book.
  • How to find their numbers.
  • Let’s talk about her position, she had gotten the first position.
  • Our all problems are solved by him.
  • Their names are written on the table.
  • How to find her number, she is absent.

More exercises.

Do the exercises very carefully, and check out the possessive pronouns and possessive adjectives.

  1. I want to find the letter, which is ___________________.
    a) Her
    b) hers
    c) she.
  2. Did you check out the cupboard, _______________color is green.
    a) It
    b) Its
    c) this
  3. My brother is playing well, this price is ___________.
    a) Him
    b) His
    c) He
  4. How to manage the program, it’s __________first program.
    a) My
    b) Mine
    c) Me
  5. She has eaten all the food, but I have saved __________ one.
    a) Him
    b) His
    c) her
  6. The teacher threw the driver in the dustbin, it was ____________.
    a) My
    b) Mine
    c) me
  7. My students have given me ____________homework on time.
    a) Them
    b) Their
    c) theirs
  8.  Can you tell me the answer to this question, it is __________question.
    a) Mine
    b) My
    c) me
  9. All the apple is eaten, this one is ____________.
    a) Thiers
    b) Their
    c) Them
  10.  Being kind, how did he beat ________daughter?
    a) Hers
    b) Her
    c) him

Answers to the above exercise.

  1. hers.
  2. its
  3. his
  4. my
  5. his
  6. mine
  7. their
  8. my
  9. theirs
  10. her

Relevant Video in which Possessive Pronouns are explained well, once checked out.