The 3 degrees of adjective examples in sentences.

Degree of adjective examples in sentences

Degrees of adjective examples. (positive adjectives examples sentences.)

Adjectives are one of the parts of speech. It is used to modify nouns and pronouns. It tells the quality, quantity, number, goodness, and badness of nouns and pronouns. In addition, it is used for comparison of adjects also. like: great, greater, greatest. Good, better, the best. There are 3 degrees of adjectives.

  1. Positive Degree of adjective.
  2. Comparitive degree adjective.
  3. Superlative degree of adjective

The Positive Degree of Adjective.

The positive degree of an adjective makes no comparison. It simply modifies the noun and pronoun. Check out more examples. The degrees of adjective examples in sentence.

S:#Degree of adjective examples in the sentences.Positive Adjectives.
1The man is weak.Weak
2The cat is ugly.Ugly
3A doll is tiny.Tiny
4The boy is thirsty.Thirsty
5The meal is tasty.Tasty
6The man is tall.Tall
7The apple is sore.Sore
8He is smooth.Smooth
9They are sharp.Sharp
10The soldier is sharp.Sharp
11The worker is poor.Pour
12The taxi is near to me.Near
13She is nice.Nice
14They are late.Late
15The kite is safe.Safe
16The tea is hot.Hot
17He performs great.Great
18The teacher speaks loud.Laud
19The room is fine.Fine
20The mother becomes harsh.Harsh
21He drives a slow car. Slow
22The room is large.Large
23My father is kind.Kind
24He arrived home soon.Soon
25I need a slim mobile.Slim
26There are few members.Few
26I found less money.Less
28The wild dog is hungry.Hungry
29The man is cool.Cool
30Kamran is intelligent.intelligent

Positive degrees of adjectives examples sentences.

  • The man is incredible.
  • Karmran is kind.
  • She has a loud voice in class.
  • Mothers are taking care of their bodies.
  • They talked in a very calm voice.

2) The comparative Degrees of adjectives examples within sentences.

The comparative degree of an adjective compares two people, things, activities, or qualities. It is the second degree of adjective which is used between two things, people, and groups.

S:#Degree of adjective examples in the sentences.Comparative Adjectives
1 The man is weaker than a lion.Weak – weaker
2The cat is uglier than a dog.Ugly – uglier
3A doll is tinier than a baby.Tiny – tinier
4The boy is thirstier than a camel.                 Thirsty – thirstier
5The meal looks tastier than tea.Tasty – tastier.
6The man is taller than the cow.Tall – taller
7The apple is sorer than the orange.Sore – sorer.
8He is smoother than me.Smooth – smoother
9They are sharper than them.Sharp –sharper
10The soldier is braver than the common man.Brave – braver
11The worker is poorer than the boss.Poor – poorer.
12The taxi is nearer to me than home.Near – Nearer
13She is nicer than him.Nice – nicer
14They are later than tomorrow.Late – later
15He performs better than me.Safe – safer
16The tea is hotter than water.Hot – hotter
17The wind blew so slower today than yesterday.  Great – greater
18The teacher speaks louder than the students.Laud – lauder
19The room is finer than the hall. Fine – finer.
20The mother becomes harsher than the father.Harsh – harsher
21I found less money tonight.Slow – slower
22The room is larger than the hall.Large – larger
23My father is kinder than any other man.Kind – kinder
24He arrived home sooner than last time.Soon- sooner.
25I need a slimmer mobile for this one.Slim – slimmer
26There are fewer members today.Few – fewer
27Wild dogs are hungrier than humans.Less – lesser
28Wild dogs are hungrier than human.Hungary – hungrier
29The man is cooler than him.Cool – cooler
30Kamran is more intelligent than Farhan.Intelligent – more intelligent.

3) Superlative Degrees of adjective examples in sentences

The superlative degree of an adjective compares a person, thing, activity, or quality with the whole group.

S:#Degree of adjective examples in the sentences.Superlative Adjective.
1 He is the weakest man in the jungle.Weak – weaker – weakest
2It is the ugliest cat.  Ugly – uglier – ugliest
3It is the tiniest doll I have ever seen.  Tiny – tinier – tiniest
4The boy is the thirstiest among all.          Thirsty – thirstier
5I like the tastiest meal to eat.Tasty – tastier – tastiest
6The tallest man comes into the room.Tall – taller – tallest
7She ate the sorest apple.Sore – sorer – sorest
8He is the smoothest person I have ever seen.Smooth – smoother – smoothest
9They are the sharpest among them.Sharp –sharper – sharpest
10The soldier is the bravest man among common men.Brave – braver
11The worker is the poorest in society.  Poor – poorer – poorest
12This is the nearest taxi near to me.  Near – Nearer – nearest
13She is the nicest girl.Nice – nicer – nicest
14They are the latest arrivals.Late – later – latest
15The kite is the safest game I know.  Safe – safer – safest
16This is the hottest tea.Hot – hotter – hottest
17His performance is the greatest.Great – greater – performance
18The teacher speaks the loudest.Laud – lauder – loudest
19He lives in the finest room.Fine – finer – finest
20She is the harshest mother over these.Harsh – harsher – harshest
21I faced the slowest wind today.Slow – slower – slowest
22I saw the largest camel.Large – larger – largest
23I have seen the kindest man today.Kind – kinder – kindest
24He arrived the soonest overall.Soon- sooner – soonest
25I need the slimmest mobile.Slim – slimmer – slimmest
26They are the fewest members.Few – fewer – fewest
27I found the least money today.  Less – lesser – least
28There are the hungriest animals.  Hungary – hungrier – hungriest
29We saw the coolest man ever.Cool – cooler – coolest  
30Kamran is the most intelligent guy.Intelligent – more intelligent. Most intelligent.

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