30 Easy Examples of Brain and mind | Mind vs Brain

Examples of Brain and Mind.

The brain is a physical part of the body in contrast mind is not. A brain consists of nerve cells and can be touched and seen. But, the mind does not exist physically it is relevant to the mental portion. In this article, I have brought some examples of the brain and mind. Check them out and practice to understand the difference.

  • She has a sharp brain.
  • Their brain works faster than us.
  • Did you mind my words?
  • How strong his brain is.
  • vegetables are good for our brain.
  • My brain is not working today.
  • Her mind got stuck during the interviews.
  • A strong body must have a big brain.
  • Animals have stronger brains than humans.
  • Do you use your mind or brain?
  • My brain is visible.
  • If you mind about my words I won’t speak anymore.
  • A quick response shows her intelligent brain.
  • could she mind the barking dogs?
  • How could he brainstorm the topic?
  • Sometimes I feel sorry about his weak brain.
  • A strong brain can provide perfect ideas.
  • They did not mind my words.
  • keep in mind that we leave at six.
  • People don’t mind about infants.
  • My mind is sleepy.
  • she got fresh ideas out of his brain.
  • Mind your harsh words.
  • can you mind your steps?
  • How to make his mind clear?
  • New words came to his mind.
  • I don’t know why did he mind my words.
  • A sharp brain can mind soon.
  • I am worried about his naughty mind.
  • She would not mind new members.
  • He must work over his brain.
  • A mind-blowing idea comes out hardly.
  • Someone minded in the hall.
  • The cruel-minded people bring unrest situations.
  • I have gotten a fresh brain.

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