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What is a sentence?

What is a sentence or statement that is an identical question? Which drives us to the basic stage of English grammar. So, if we think deeply sentence means a statement or conversation. Every language has conversations. Without conversation or statements, we cannot talk to each other.  That’s why sentences have gotten a very important role in a language.

In this article, we will study what is a sentence. And how to form it. Before that we must know about sentences it would be better to know about the alphabet and the words through which we form the sentences. They are really necessary to know while making sentences.

What is Alphabet?

  1. Alphabets:

    a b c d e f g h I j k l ………….. z is called alphabets. With their help of them, we form words.
    Like:  ‘E n g L I s h’

  2. Word:

A Group of letters that gives a complete meaning is called a word.

Example: Book, Education, Learn, Play, Fan, Animals, Students.

What is a sentence?

Sentence: A group of words that has a subject and predicate and gives a complete sense.


  • She has a doll.
  • I am a student.
  • This is an apple

A sentence has many parts which are needed to be understood before forming sentences.

Note: We call them parts of speech also.

What is the subject?

Subject: The doer of an action or something which is narrated in a sentence.


  • Sana plays a game.
  • She is a student.
  • We like our center.
  • Ahmed helps me.

Object: The receiver of an action or state in a sentence.


  • He played football.
  • They are eating cake.
  • Ali gives me a book.

what is a verb?

Verb: A word that shows an action, state, possession, presence, and absence.


  • I drive a car.
  • She likes
  • They have
  • There are some books on the table.
  • John isn’t present today.

Helping Verb: when (is, are, am, was, were, been, do, does, did, have, has) are used before other verbs that are called helping verbs.

  • Remember when these helping verbs appear alone without any dynamic verbs are called main verbs.


Acting as H.V (helping verb, Acting as M.V (main verb)
Sara is cooking food.Sara is a student.

Predicate: After the subject, the rest of the words in a sentence are called predicates.


  • Ali is reading story books.
  • Karachi is a beautiful city.
  • We are united.


  1. Underline the subjects and objects.      
  • We go to the center.
  • She is singing a song.
  • They are playing a game.

    2. Underline H.V and M.V        

  • Ali is riding a bicycle.
  • I am happy.
  • We are intelligent students

      3. Underline the Verbs

  • She laughs loudly.
  • I have a ring.
  • We love our country.