Day and night parts’ names | Morning, night, and noon

Day and night parts’ names

Days and nights are generally repeated within 24 hours. These are the times that we live with every day(a day consists of 24 hours which includes night also), and we follow the same routine. So it would be better to know them in English and Urdu. In this article, I have mentioned the Day and night parts’ names with meanings and examples.

Day and night parts’ names:

Names of the day & nightIn Urdu Example within sentence.
Morningصبح I wake up early in the morning.
Noonدوپہر at noon, I went to the park.
Nightرات She usually reads books at night.
Sunriseطلوع آفتاب The day starts at sunrise.
Sunsetغروب آفتاب The day finishes at sunset.
After noonدوپہر کے بعد I will be at the office before noon.
Before noonقبل از دوپہر We should be sleeping at midnight.
Midnightآدھی رات when it gets dark, I leave for home.
Mid-dayدوپہر They had gossip at midday.
Dawnفجر The first light in the sky is called dawn.
After midnightآدھی رات کے بعد after midnight, she starts praying.
late nightدیر رات Being awake late at night has negative effects.
Before midnightآدھی رات سے پہلے Do all your work before midnight.
early in the morningصبح سویرے I exercise early in the morning.
Darkاندھیرا We need to work from dawn to dusk.
Dawn to darkصبح سے شام تک Where were you at the break of the day?
dusk till dawnصبح تک شامDusk till dawn means moving from darkness towards light.
Day-breakدن کا وقفہ At daybreak, we take our meals.
break of dayدن کا وقفہ Thank goodness it is getting down.
first lightپہلی روشنی میں I started driving at the first light in the sky.
Sundownغروب آفتاب Near sundown, she made an accident.
Dawningصبحday spring
peep of dayدن کی جھانک  During the peak of the day, we had a party.
dayspringدن کی بہار Dayspring is a memorable time for me.
duskشام Near dusk, you are needed to live.

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