What is the simple definition of an adjective?

Definition of an adjective

The simple definition of an adjective.

Adjectives are modifiers that modify nouns and pronouns. We mostly use adjectives to show quality, quantity, number, shape, and size. But we can use them to show comparisons between two things, persons and places. So there are three degrees of adjectives. This is the simple definition of an adjective.

1.      An adjective that modifies the noun is called a positive degree.

2.      An adjective that is used to compare two things, persons, and places is called comparatives degree.

3.      An adjective that is used to compare one thing, person, place, and group with all other things, persons, places, and groups is called a superlative degree of adjectives.

Below we will study the Degrees of Adjectives in detail. If you know the Simple definition of an adjective then the degree of the adjective will be very easy.

Positive degree

The positive degree of an adjective makes no comparison. It simply modifies the noun and pronoun.

  • A long road.                                                      
  • The black cat.
  • The white car.
  • A new building.
  • An old airplane.

2.     The comparative Degree:

The comparative degree of an adjective compares two people, things, activities, or qualities.    

  • This road is longer than that one.
  • This cat is blacker than that one.
  • The white car is nearer than the building.
  • The building is newer than a car.
  • A jet plane is faster than an airplane.

3. Superlative Degree:

      The superlative degree of an adjective compares a person, thing, activity, or quality with the whole group.

  • The longest road I have ever seen. 
  • The blackest cat cut my way.
  • The whitest cat is beautiful.
  • The newest building is mine.
  • The fastest jet is flying.

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