what is a clause

What is a Clause?

Clause has an important role in the English Language. Which is mostly preferred by everyone. Knowing only the tenses of English is not enough. We need to know clauses too. You might have studied many really important structures. The clause has gotten the same importance. We have many structures and tenses in the English Language. For example. Tenses, phrases, sentences, and clauses. In this article, we will study this grammar.

A quick review of sentences and phrases.

  •  A phrase is a group of words without a subject and verb which should give one meaning.
  • A sentence is a group of words that gives clear and correct meaning.

Definition of a clause?

A group of words that should have at least a subject and the main verb, sometimes it gives complete meaning/sense, and sometimes it does not give complete meaning/sense.

For instance/example:

  • John is a unique player who I know. 
  • She is the girl who got 1st position.
  • They are the people who manage the rules.
  • He is a boy who went outside.

In the above sentences “who is unique” “who got 1st position” “who manages the rules” and “who went outside” are incomplete they need another main clause to complete the meaning of the sentence. So the first portion of the sentences is used to complete the meaning of them.

Common Difference:

A clause can be a sentence but a sentence cannot be. In this phenomenon, we must understand that a clause is part of a sentence and a sentence is not part of it, but an independent clause. Which itself is a complete sentence and doesn’t need any other clause.

So for better understanding let me clarify that there are two kinds of clauses. Such as dependent and independent.

1) Independent clause:

It is a group of words that alone gives complete and clear sense, it stands alone. We call it the main clause also.


  •  He is a good player.
  • They are intelligent boys
  • She is sitting in the chair.
  • We live in Quetta city

These sentences do not need any other clause alone they give complete meaning.

2) Dependent clause:

it is a group of words that depends on another independent clause. Alone it does not give a complete and clear sense.

  • She went.
  • I learned.
  • What she said.
  • They got.
  • The topic we studied today was interesting.
  • There are many places that she visits.
  • I know many things that you don’t know.
  • India is the most beautiful country where she lives.
  • They played many games which we watched online.

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