100+ Prepositions with examples | Usage within Sentence

Preposition examples.

Prepositions(parts of speech) is a word that is used before nouns and pronouns to show their relation to another part of the sentence. In this article, I have brought up plus 100 Prepositions with examples, and how to use them in our sentences.

The prepositions start with the letter A.

  1. As
  2. As far as
  3. As well as
  4. Aside
  5. At
  6. Away
  7. About
  8. Above
  9. Abroad
  10. According to
  11. Across
  12. After
  13. Against
  14. Ago
  15. Ahead of
  16. Along
  17. Amidst
  18. Among
  19. Amongst
  20. Apart

The prepositions start with the letter “A” examples within the sentence.

  • I am about to leave the class.
  • The picture is above the table.
  • She wants to go abroad.  
  • We discussed it according to the title.
  • The men are moving across the road.
  • I will go to school after I have my breakfast.
  • After all, she could cook the dish.
  • Do not go against the rule.
  • A long time ago, we were friends.
  • The teacher is ahead of the students in management.
  • Let’s drive along the road.
  • She is the best amidst friends.
  • Among the best students, she got first.
  • He is nice amongst all the boys.
  • Apart from my studies, I am good at playing rugby.
  • Did she arrive around the fixed time?
  • As they reached home we started the party.
  • He won’t leave as far as I am sure.
  • I can read as well as I can write.
  • The papers are aside from the table.
  • Can you stand at the top of the roof?
  • She went away.
prepositions with letter a

All the prepositions start with the letter B.

  1. Because of
  2. Before
  3. Behind
  4. Below
  5. Beneath
  6. Beside
  7. Besides
  8. Between
  9. Beyond
  10. But
  11. By
  12. By means of

Some other prepositions start with the letter “B” examples within the sentence.

  • I am happy because of the newborn baby.
  • She solved the problem before we called her.
  • The cat is hiding behind the tree.
  • In winter, the cold goes below zero degrees.
  • I found him beneath the public.
  • We have to take care of our health besides studies.
  • Besides, she is still naughty.
  • I slept between the two men.
  • Beyond everything, we managed the class well.
  • I can sing songs, but my voice is not good.
  • I reached home by bus.
  • She went abroad by means of earn more money.
prepositions with letter "b"

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Learn the prepositions that start with the letter “I”.

  1. In
  2. In accordance with.
  3. In addition to
  4. In case of
  5. In front of
  6. In lieu of
  7. In place of
  8. In spite of
  9. In to
  10. Inside
  11. Instead of
  12. Into

Started with the letter “B” Prepositions examples within the sentence.

  • The cat is in the room.
  •  We go forward in accordance with the schedule.  
  • I bought a bag in addition to shoes.
  • She must take pills in case of illness.
  • She stood up in front of the teacher.
  • They cut the grass in lieu of weather.
  • The man took the bowl in place of a plate.
  • I went to the hall In spite of being ill.
  • The solution is inside the topic.
  • The students must play football on the ground instead of on a computer.
  • She went into the car slowly.
Prepositions with letter "I"

Some other prepositions with examples, start with the letter “O”. 

  1. Of
  2. Off
  3. On
  4. On account of
  5. On behalf of
  6. On to
  7. On top of
  8. Onto
  9. Opposite
  10. Out
  11. Out from
  12. Out of
  13. Outside
  14. Over
  15. Owing to

Start with the letter “O” Prepositions and examples within the sentence.

  • This is the list of students who joined in January.
  • The plane going to take off.
  • The pen is on the table, We believe in his words.
  • They found him quickly on account of his talent.
  • The more prominent son represents on behalf of his father.
  • She threw the ball onto the roof.
  • My home is opposite his.
  • Kamila is out of the ring.
  • We cut the grass out to grow new crops.
  • John went outside the room.
  • Put the sheet over the table.
  • I came home owing to eat lunch.
Prepositions with letter o

Prepositions that start with the letter “T”. 

  1. Through
  2. Till
  3. Times
  4. Than
  5. To
  6. Throughout
  7. Toward
  8. Towards

The preposition that starts with the letter “T” is an example within the sentence.

  • I came earlier than him.
  • The man moved through the street calmly.
  • She will arrive till the end of the party.
  • From ten to twelve, the class begins.
  • He did not speak, throughout our whole day.
  • Girls can do better five times than men.
  • The watch is hanged toward the wall.
  • The lion is running towards us.

Learn the propositions start with the letter “U”. 

  1. Under
  2. Underneath
  3. Unlike
  4. Until
  5. Unto
  6. Up
  7. Upon
  8. Via

Prepositions start with the letter “U” examples within the sentence.

  • Hide him under the clothes.
  • Unlike others, we will not dance.
  • The students stood up while the teacher came in.
  • My book is underneath the other books.
  • Until 10, we will wait.
  • He stood upon his words.
  • I passed the class via notes.
prepositions with letter t & U

Few common prepositions start with the letter N. 

  1. Near
  2. Next
  3. Next to
  4. Notwithstanding

Prepositions start with the letter “N” examples within the sentence.

  • We stood near each other.
  • Did you visit him the next day?
  • All the pens are next to the paper.
  • The teacher turns off the class notwithstanding to students.

Common prepositions start with the letter “P”. 

  1. Past
  2. Per
  3. Prior to
  4. Plus

Prepositions start with the letter “P” examples within the sentence.

  • Ten past nine we leave the room.
  • Bring the cups per person.
  • The sheep were slaughtered prior to my words.
  • I found plus 100 titles for him.

Some other prepositions with examples start with the letter “R”. 

  1. Round
  2. regarding
  3. Roundabout
  • She walks around the room.
  • Can we know regarding reality?
  • They scored roundabout 10 points.

Prepositions that start with the letter “S”. 

  1. Since
  • I have been studying since 2020.

These Prepositions start with the letters c, d, E, f.

  1. Despite
  2. Down
  3. Due to
  4. During
  5. Except
  6. For
  7. From
  8. Close to
  • They could win despite the rain.
  • The student calms down the teacher.
  • The government collapsed due to corruption.  
  • How can I leave the class during a lecture?
  • I could find all except Karman.
  • She brought a flower for me.
  • The man is from a good family.
  • put it close to the door.

Prepositions with examples that start with the letter “W”. 

  1. With
  2. With a view to
  3. Within
  4. Without
  5. Worth
  • The son went with his mother.
  • I reached there within 10 minutes.
  • Morality is worth respect.
  • Be with him today.
  • It was completed within a fixed time.
  • The car without a tire does not run.
  • laziness stops us with a view to success.

Prepositions with examples that start with the letter “L”. 

  1. Like
  2. Like as
  3. Hence
  • They are performing like me.
  • The infant performed like an expert.
  • We start eating hence after the class.